Prayer for my long lost best friend

by Lisa (Foxboro)

Dear heavenly Father,

Please help my best friend to see the truth and error in his ways. He has made many mistakes and several bad choices. Lord please let him see your light and embrace your grace. Help him to release his doubts in you my lord. Restore his faith in Jesus Christ.

My father, he needs you more than ever as he has so many burdens and struggles. Please bless his heart and mind to make better choices, to surround himself by those who truly care for him. For him to see the evils and temptations by those he calls friends now.

Lord heavenly father, please bless him and guide him through this difficult time in his life. Help he and I find each other again and to forgive one another.

Please embrace us both with your love and light. Guide us to a spiritual place that will allow us both to find healing within each other.

Thank you my lord. I love you.

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