Prayer for my Long Distance Relationship

by Rina (Pretoria)

Dear Lord

I will start by thanking you for the wonderful; special and beautiful man and human being you have put into my hand in the name of Victor; he makes me happy; smile; laugh just by thinking of him.

Lord i ask you to favour us; grant us Love; Peace; Harmony; Respect and great communication in our relationship;

Lord i ask you to make us perfect for each other; work on us God so that we can be the perfect and an exemplary couple in Your Eyes and in people Eyes; Make us love each other like you love us without condition and motives.

Father i pray that you will guide from here to everlasting love; to marriage; to cherish and love each other until death do us part.

Bless us Lord with full commitment to each other so that we can have a blessed future and raise a blessed and wonderful family together;

God i am praying that you will let us meet each other very soon so that i can show him how much i love him and how much he means to me

I thank You and Love You God for all you have done and all you will still do

In the Name of Jesus Christ


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