Prayer For My Long Distance Partner And I That The Lord Will Finally Pave The Way

by Sarah (Glendale , Az)

Heavenly Father Please hear my prayer .From my lips to your ears I ask that you Bless me and my partner who at the moment remain separated by distance . Father I pray that if it be your desire for us to unite and become one . That you will move the mountains and pave the way for us lord be our guide in all that we do , lift.

the financial burdens that we need lifted in order to meet face to face let this be him bring us together lord i pray give me a sign lord that if its meant to be i will blessed with the money i need to help him pay for his airline ticket thank you lord for all. that you do for me lord i love you dearly father sending prayers to everyone on here but not only on here but around the world In Jesus name i pray your prayers be heard and answered Amen.