Prayer for my little family..

(Canada B.C.)

We are in need of a new home.. The rental we are in is causing numerous health issues.. In not only ourselves but in our young children as well..

We have been searching and viewing places with no call back.. With landlords requiring credit checks now days is making it extremely difficult. My credit isn’t perfect, but that does not mean I wouldn’t pay my rent. As rent is a bill that can never go unpaid as it would put us homeless.. We would never do that to our children.

We are both hard working parents. I pray that you keep us in your prayers.. I pray that we find a nice healthy, clean home. So our children can be rid of these health issues. I not only pray for myself but I pray for family and friends. May they have all they need and able to pass on the abundance to others.

Thank you for reading and for keeping us in your thoughts.