Prayer for my lil. family

by Clarissa (Texas U.S)

I come today to ask for a financial blessing. I’ve had to live check to check. Dont ever seem to even have enough. My 4 year old just started school and I still havent been able to afford some stuff he needs to get through school year. I worry that i wont be able to buy pampers for my 14 month old twins.

I dont ever have enough gas to get us to work, school, and daycare. The father of my kids has been with out work last 7 months. I struggle with his addictions, depression, and not being able to support us financially, emotionally, and physically. All this has put lots of pressure and stress on me. Plus were on our 4th child and im due end of November, and i dont know how im going to support another kid.

I’ve had to move in with my parents. We struggle to stay positive with each other with all the stuff that is going on in my life. I ask for just enough the get me thru my financial woes and ease my stress.