Prayer for my life

Heavenly father,

First I thank you for all you have done for me in my life like blessing me with 9 healthy children and a grandson and my companion. I THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OVER US AND KEEPING US SAFE AND HAPPY AND TOGETHER AS A FAMILY.. i THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OVER MY SON AND KEEPING HIM SAFE WHILE HE IS IN JAIL..Father thank you for giving me the home we have, the food we have to eat, and the money we have to pay bills.. Father I know I did some things in my past that have caught up with me.I ask you father to please forgive my sins and remove this stress from my life..I am willing to accept the punishment of probation but Father please don’t take me from my children..I ALSO ASK YOU TO PLEASE SEND MY SON HOME to me over my older sons and keep them with a good mind and help them control their actions..I ask you to remove so much anger from Wendell’s heart..Thank you father..In Jesus name AMEN.

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