prayer for my life and family

by Stressed And Sad (Canada)

Lord, lately I have been sad and down, not being able to get a job, taking care of my family at home and feeling alone, as if some of my friends don’t want to hang out. Feeling excluded from things and seeing them having fun makes me feel like they don’t appreciate my company or care for it.

I pray that I am wrong about my friends and that I have real ones in my life that love me and appreciate me. I pray that you comfort me from this sadness that I am feeling and reassure me that this is all in my head. I trust that this is a simple bump in the road that will come to an end and will have an even better outcome in the end.

I trust that you would put me through anything I couldn’t handle. Help guide me to the right path and get a stable employment that I will enjoy and be happy in so I can continue to help provide for my family. I pray that you will give me the strength and need you more than ever.

Thank you

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