Prayer for my Liam the Leon

by Anonymous (Georgia)

Please Lord, only you can heal my nephew Liam. He has been born two months early and has Down Syndrome. I believe it’s a gift for those who have that gift are closer to you and teach all of the people that they come across in life valuable lessons. How to live, smile and appreciate every little thing.

We adore him and are all very excited to have him in our lives. Put your beautiful hands on him and heal him. Let him breathe, his heart work perfectly and bless our lives with his presence. We will give him all the love that he needs and we need his love too. Save him, don’t take him yet. Give him the chance to meet us all and play, grow, learn and teach us all. He will grow to be a wonderful boy and has an amazing family that loves him incredibly. Let him stay with us. Amen.

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