Prayer for my kids whose dad died two years ago

Lord I pray you touch my kids. My kids father died two years ago. My husband and I have been there through it all. Before I was married to my kids father. One of my kids is grown and in the military. I don’t hear from him. He tries to use me only because of what he wants. He’s totally forgotten were he has come from. I did everything to make sure he had. He treats me like I’m nothing. He always talks about his father. I know he loved him don’t get me wrong. His father didn’t care if he had a piece of bread to eat. His fathers relatives are acting like they have always been there. My son can’t see they are no good. My son acts so much like his father such as being selfish, liar, and ect.

I pray to you God to change him. Lord teach him to be a real man. Lord show him what he’s doing is no good. I’m giving him to you lord. He want listen to me at all. He only listen to those who doesn’t tell him what’s right.

My daughter is graduating this year. She has an attitude problem. She want listen. She thinks she knows everything. She acts as if she’s mad at the world. Lord I’m giving her to you. These kids today are so ungrateful. I pray that you lead and guide both of them. They have no clue what’s going on in the world.

They need guidance lord. I’ve tried to talk to them they want listen. I have no doubt you will take care of both of them throughout there journey. I pray they do the right things before its to late.

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