Prayer for my kids to be able to come home soon

by Rita (Painesville, Ohio, United States)

Pray for my kids to be able to come back home on 23rd of May 2013. I was in the hospital on April 18, 2013, having a surgery and my father was suppose to be watching my two younger kids, and he wasn’t watching them and my 3 year old son got out of the house and was wondering in the middle of the streets and the police came to bring him back to the house and my father didn’t hear them banging on the door because he was sound asleep, and the house was in a terrible condition since I was unable to properly clean it because of major back and stomach pains that I was having due to having a miscarriage months ago but the baby sac was still weighing and laying in my stomach for the last two months.

And since I was unable to bend over and clean the house properly, my 5 kids were taken out of the home.

I wasn’t even there because I was having a DNC surgery to remove the sac that was still in me and when I came home to this situation, I felt like I wanted to die and they had me transported to the hospital for a pscychiatric watch for 24 hours within 30 minutes of me having this surgery this is all happening.

And my mother told the courts she would take 3 of the 5 kids and let my younger two kids go to foster care because the children don’t receive a ssi check she took the kids that did receive a check because of her money hungry ways and let the youngest ones go to a foster home, to despise me and the youngest kids father that I am still with and to hurt us the hardest she let my younger babies be put in a foster home :(.

Me and my mother have never been close or ever seen eye to eye for her evil ways, but this just takes the cake completely she came over on the 1st of May and said if you don’t give me a check I’m going to make sure you NEVER get these kids back if I got to lie or whatever I got to do you won’t have these kids back in your home EVER.

I am not a bad mom I love my kids to the fullest, I am ALWAYS with my kids every single day up until this incident occured, I had a bad vibe on the day 4-18-13, and I went with my second mind which told me and led me wrong and out of the situation I am here where I am now with not having my kids in my home and I just want for you all to please pray for me that when I go to court on 5-23-13 that I can at least get my kids out of the foster home if I can’t have all of them at once.

Because I love and miss my children dearly, and I had already had the thought in my head right after I had the surgery that weekend we were going to completely clean up the house, but I just didn’t make it to Saturday, but when Saturday did come the house was clean and have been clean sinced, just needs a little bit more touches of here and there but the house is ready and complete to be inspected and for my kids to come home. So I hope and pray to god that they will let my babies come home for I am abiding by all the things that they are asking me to do.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.