Prayer for My Kids and I

Lord I made some mistakes that got me in the position I’m in being a disobedient child. Lord I know that you say in I Samuel 15:22 obedience is better than sacrifice help me to live in that in way lord. I look for jobs to b able to provide for my kids the right way but my record and my inconsistency on my past jobs I don’t get them. Give me favor Lord while on my search for employment. Change my attitude from being mad when I don’t get the job so that I have faith that I didn’t get that one because you have something better in store for me and my family. Help me to get over the depression and guilt of me and my kids dad didn’t work out and help me to be a better mom daughter grand daughter sister niece and cousin. Bless me so I can bless my family Lord I pray with all my heart and soul and I know you will provide I believe and receive a blessing is coming as I put this prayer into the universe I ask Jesus to intercede so it be interpreted the way it should and I ask all prayer warrior’s to join me in my prayer for to better our situation your word say if we deny you before man you will deny us before your father and I come to you in humility begging for wisdom and knowledge so I won’t make the same mistakes I made in the past I give you all the glory and honor and thank you because I’m living off your grace and mercy. Amen to God be the glory

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