prayer for my job everyday.

by Apl (Philippines)

thank you lord, Lord please allow me to keep my job and work full time hours regularly., I leave it in your hand’s. please pray that I keep my job and be very sucessful and get a raise and that I’m not stressful anymore.

Please pray that I won’t lose my job ” please pray for peace and that God will supply my needs. Please pray too that I will have love and forgiveness in my heart towards coworkers who have tried to make me look bad to the boss, or turned against me.

Please give me the strength to take on what comes my way; to pull through this again. Thank you for all your prayers, and thank you, Lord for ALL of the blessings you have already given to me.

I know that I am not perfect, and that I am not a perfect employee, but I suffer from depression, and I know that this affects my performance, my attendance and keeps me from my full potential. God help me, . And God please protect the others who need their jobs as well…Amen