Prayer for My Husband’s salvation for marriage restoration

by Grace (Sunrise, Usa)

Lord you are not the author of confusion. Your word says that you hate divorce and that you love justice. You hate robbery and wrongdoing and reward your children for the suffering. Father you are a God of unity.

Your word and it is a living word declares that a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife, the two shall now be one. Let no one separate them for God has joined them together.

Remember your promised word lord and that it is not good for man to be alone. I pray that today you are working and dealing with my husband and these are the reasons for the trials and problems he sees himself under.

I pray that through these times it is your holy spirit convicting him to lay his secret sins before you and ask you into his heart and life. What a joy it will be in my home and my marriage will begin to take on a new strength in unity, love, joy and peace.

Father restore what the evil one has tried many of times to do but lord your hand has stop the enemy because of your love for me and your mercy to me. I pray lord that today is the day of miracles, that today is the day of transformations and changes of hearts in my husband towards me and my children. Lord it is through you that these prayers will be answered.

You command in your living word to use your name for the power needed to bring about our faith in our prayers. I so ask today in your name Jesus for the changes in my husband and his salvation to come and be the man of integrity and righteous before you. Amen