Prayer For my husband’s Heart

Please lift up your hearts that my husband will grow passion and desire for me in his heart, that he will not only listen but hear what I am saying.

Please pray that he truly understands and acts on the fact that even though he has children in another country and family here that he understands and realizes that we are his first family here and I am the most important person in his life.

Please pray that he will let go of his selfish ways and realize how much his selfishness hurts his family. Pray that my emotional health is restored and my husband does all in his power to be home at night and realize the most important thing is not a car right now and leaving me home alone, that I am his first priority and he needs to make life adjustments based off of my well being and not his earthly desires. Pray that the words of people against our marriage will never enter into his ears or my ears so that we may stay strong as one unit.

Pray that he can continue to understand how he needs to be and not go back to his old ways. Pray please that he opens his ears and heart and mind to my needs and not think about himself first and how he would benefit first from anything. Pray for my husbands temper that he slows down when angry and looses his selfishness. Pray that he is able to understand and verbalize his mistakes and selfishness to me apologizing how much he has hurt me and my children.

Pray that my counseling sessions heal my broken life and that I stop placing blame on myself for everything. Pray that my husband stops blaming me for things. Pray he understands how his actions impact my children and how much he has hurt the. Through Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen. Thank you.