Prayer for My Husband’s Heart

by Jamie (Philippines)

Dear Lord,

I have hurt my husband completely. He is now going through so much pain because of my poor judgment. Please heal his heart and encompass him in your warm embrace that he may obtain peace and clarity. I know he is a good person who is full of hatred and anger. Please open his heart and his eyes that he may see me again as he used to, his wife whom he loves so deeply. Please help us pick up the broken pieces of our marriage and patch things up to a better version of what we used to have before. I sincerely love him and if i could take back my mistakes i would… please allow us to enjoy love and happiness for the second time around…


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  1. Same situation

    I was about to post a prayer request but I read yours and I am going through the same situation in my marriage. Although I truly need The Lord to forgive in heal in my marriage I am going to be praying for you. It takes strength to admit when we are wrong, but if you mean it God will forgive you. You have to give your husband time to process the situation and allow God to work on his heart. In the meantime I will pray that God will remove haste and desperation from you. You need faith and patience. Forgive yourself, praise and worship God daily be the wife that your husband will allow you to be. Hold to God’s unchanging hand because WE ARE going to coming victorious and restored.

  2. Praying for all of us

    Your prayer is so nice… I hope you don’t mind I used it to pray for all of us– going through similar situation. It hurts every day to be apart yet still be loving and giving whenever I can. Not getting loved back is unbearable but I have to remember Jesus’s own suffering for us.

    Only God knows where we will be.

  3. going through the same

    I saw your post and the comment too.i have spoken up and truly feel sorry.i know God is merciful.He will forgive us and give us a second chance.

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