Prayer for my husband’s health and for a better job

by Mary (Lima, Peru)

Dear Lord,

I pray to you for my husband, who has been bedridden for more than a year because of an open fracture that has had problems healing due to infection. Grant his body the ability to close the fracture line so he can walk again and regain his happiness. Please God help us avoid another costly procedure as we are already out of insurance coverage.

I also lift my voice to You, My Lord, to ask you for a better job. Now I have to cope with a bullying boss and with toxic partners who do nothing but fight each other and projects are delayed or stopped. My tasks are below what was promised to me when I was recruited for the position. I would like a job where I am appreciated and where I can use my talents to help others grow. I have a very tiny opportunity to go back to where I worked before, for which I am praying every day and every night. Please extend Your infinite kindness to me, My Lord. Help us find some hope in these dark days when everything seems to be lost.

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