Prayer for my husband’s eyes, heart, soul and mind to be opened to You oh Lord

by Donna Haddock (Las Vegas, NV)

My husband Tony is 53, he was raised Catholic, but was never taught to understand. Now, our only child, Jennifer, at the age of 23 was taken from us, she now resides with God and His son, Jesus Christ, and with God’s angels. I pray for my husband’s heart, eye’s, mind and his soul to opened up to receive all that God can give him.

My husband is tormented with grief and many regrets, we pray together each night before he goes to bed, and I ask that God, my Father please help us. I know my beloved daughter Jennifer resides within the safety, and loving comfort in God’s loving arms. I only ask that God, please have mercy upon us, especially my husband. He alone has the power and the Glory to release my husband from this constant torment.

I ask God daily for His comfort and compassion, not only for ourselves, but for all the parents, the world over who have experienced the loss of a child or children.
Please God, help us, help my husband find and experience Your blessings, and relieve his torment. My husband is a good man, and the loss of our beloved daughter Jennifer, on December 5th, 2012, is killing I’m a little more each day.

Grant him this one prayer request, a no doubt sign from our daughter, letting him know she is ok, and safe within your loving embrace.

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