Prayer for my husband’s enlightenment and for our marriage reconciliation

by Charie (UAE)

Dear God,

First, thank you for your guidance and for the blessings that we always received from you.

God, I pray for my husband to enlighten his mind from any fear or anxiety that he is suffering now. Our marriage is now in trouble and I ask for your protection to save our marriage. I surrender all our trials and I believe that you will guide us to be in the right path. Help my husband to remember the love that we always share together for many years. Help him to open his mind and to realize that he has a loving wife that will not leave him. Pour his heart with your pure love. He hates me much without any reasons. He doesn’t want to see me and even speak with me. I believe in you God that you will work our relationship to be strong and that you will not let anyone to divide us. Save him from any evil that pushes him and our marriage to be miserable. Let him also realize that you are always with us and that you will grace us with more love and faith.

Please grant my prayers to save our relationship as husband and wife. You are the center of our life and believe in your name. Amen