Prayer for my husband’s aggressive brain cancer to go away

by Jo (Atlanta GA)

Dear Father God,

I come to you with a hurting, but open heart. On Nov 15, he was diagnosed with cancer, he had no signs. Today, he is fighting ofor his life, which feels like mine.

The doctors say hischances are not good, but I know You can heal all disease and illness. You said that if I have the faith the size of a mustard seed, I can move mountains. I have that faith. I ask that you heal his mind, body and soul. He is Your warrior and want to continue to fight Your battle, Father God.

Please, please, hear my prayer and heal all cancer from his body. I would gladly trade places with him, if You would allow it. He is a great man and soldier of God….please heal him today.

I give thanks, in advance.

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