Prayer for my Husband

by Mbosh (Namibia)

Dear Jesus Christ before I pray I want you to forgive my sins and wash away with your holy blood

Here I am Lord with my nakedness with empty hand I am praying for you Lord to help my husband to get a job. Lord every morning as I am preparing myself and He is laying there desperately thinking that He is useless give Him courage to believe in you, and give my courage too as I am kind of tired and inpatient, I maybe also make him feel bad……Lord you are the one who put us together this man is from a foreign country and you gave Him to me….You are the one who have created me and you know why you did it… Lord Jesus help Him to get a job as He is hardworking and very Wiseman…Father.

We are in depth and you know how you will assist us Father we are 3 months behind and we are afraid we will be kick out….Help us for the landlord to understand us and wait until we have something..Lord …help him to get the business He is looking for…open the door of every person He is going to speak to….help him for the dreams to come true Father….

Help us too to know each other as you have help us for my to get transferred to come close to my children and Him and you did that Last year we where rejoicing and now Lord we asks you to help us for Him to get something to do for us to be able to live in harmony Father.

My baby girl cannot even go to kindergarten because we cant afford and she is desperate she does not understand Father Please help her to understand….Thank you for the new baby boy and help me to able to pay the baby sitter…..Father I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ for ever and ever