Prayer For My Husband

by Wilma (Kg. Selupoh, Tuaran)

Dear Lord my God, I praise you, I honor you, I worship you, glory to Your name. You are my Holy God, Holy Mighty One and Holy Immortal One.I confess all my wrongs and mistakes of what I have done, thru words, thinking and action. Please forgive me for all of my sins which I did it to you and the people surround me. I offer to you all I have according to Your will. I give you thanks and praise for the sweet relationship or marriage that you have gave to me. O sweet Jesus, please hear my prayer, I ask for Your help to heal my husband for he has lost hope, faith and love towards You O my Saviour. He is facing trouble and stress right now, as he have owe money and have morgage our land and our home. Forgive him and have mercy on him, for he is not running to you but to alcohol and gambling instead. I begging You that you may help him for what he have face right now. Please give him guideance, strenght and courage, to turn and surrender to You alone. May he leave his bad habits and be a good husband and father to my 3 sons. And not forget, to serve you as well. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, may my husband and the whole world burn with love for You. I ask this thru Jesus Christ our Lord Saviour and the Holy Spirit, with the inteference prayers from Your Mother Mary , All Your Angels and All Your Saints. Amen.