Prayer for My Husband Who is Second Thinking His Return after affair

by Lori (MD)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help my family and marriage. My husband came back after five months estrangement with another woman. After two weeks, he tells me he’s confused about what he feels.

Please place a hedge of thorns around my husband so he does not seek this other woman and that she can hold no influence over him. Place love for me back in his heart. Please help raise him up to you so that he can only have a loving, intimate and over powering relationship with You.

Be merciful on us all, especially our two children. I don’t think they could take him walking out on them again. Grant me peace of mind, body and soul, so I can continie to be supportive to everyone. Lord, please help him to return his heart bavk to the wife of his youth, me.

I ask this in the blood of Jesus Christ your Son, Amen.

I ask those reading this to pray for our marriage as well, as I continue to do so for you all. Thank you.