Prayer for my husband who is depressed

Lord Jesus Christ please help us.

Even my husband not telling me straight, I feel he is planning to end his life. We been through a lot. He lost his eldest son from cancer few years ago. Battled his ex for child support but lost.

Asked for dna test for confirmation if he’s really the father of the 2nd son but denied by the judge. Even after the mom of that son admitted she’s not sure who is the real father of her son. Bills filling up, banks are calling in. He tried gambling thinking it will add more money to his paycheck but instead he comes home empty handed. He could not stop doing it.

Even I always tell him to stopped. He told me he’s not able to change, he’s weak and I’m stronger than him. He asked me to give up on him. I just cried. He asked me to take care of our two kids especially our 2 yr old baby boy. He said by tomorrow everything will be fine. He won’t give me anymore problems and heartaches. He is right, i am stronger than him. I chose not to give up. I believed that he could change. I have been praying for him. I want him to clear his mind and not think committing suicide. It is just about money, although money for bills and rent. Why they even invented money?

I don’t want my kids grow up without their dad. Please help me pray lord. Let my husband find you lord. Guide him to your path. He’s been a good father and husband. Too many trials lead him to become weak. He give up so easily. We need you more than anything lord. Even if we are financially drain, your guidance is the only thing we want. Life is more important than money. We are never greedy although most of the time i pray that we will able to succeed more and no more hardship paying bills and rent. We are good people but why always us?

Lord Jesus Christ, i thank you for listening to me everytime i am talking and praying to you. I know you always hear me. Please help my husband. Please let him realize that ending his life will not solved our problems. Our kids adores him and love him so much. I love him so much. Please lord let him know that he’s not alone. We always walk beside him. I will always be there for him. Thank u lord, bless us always, amen.

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