Prayer for my husband who is addicted to Alcohol

by Souza (Dubai, UAE)

Please pray for my husband who is trying to give up Alcohol, but somehow or the other, cannot control his cravings and succumbs to temptation. He does not then realise how stubborn and out of control he gets. He does not eat and sleeps away.

Please pray that he gets to know the Lord, and his kind and loving ways, Pray for him that he can forgive himself, and love himself, to understand the dangers of harming himself.

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  1. Prayer for long time companion who is addicted to Alchol

    Lord, I thought I was the only one going through this misery with my long time companion and father of my only child. I’ve prayed for many years for him to stop drinking, before he hurts someone or they hurt him. But the Lord is on his time for stopping him, but he did stop him from drinking and driving by him getting caught and not able to drive, due to the interlock. Thank, God for interlock, hopefully that will save many lives from people like my companion form drinking and driving. It’s so bad for me and my daughter, we both have nervous conditions when he goes out drinking that we wish some nights he don’t even come home. Please pray for me and my daughter to someday have peace in our lives. AMEN!

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