Prayer for My Husband While We are Separated

by Karin (Enterprise, OR USA)

Lord God

I was wrong, I wanted my own way and I didnt realize it until after I left him.
Please heal his wounded pride and wounded heart. Please bless his health and give him the strength he needs to go through each day. Mature his spiritual heart and mind as you are doing with me.

Please forgive me and give us the grace to start over, in your timing Lord, always in your timing.
Please take all my past abuse from my heart and mind, let me not associate those things with my husband. Let me start anew Lord, give me a new heart for my husband and take all this baggage from me. Thank you Lord because I have faith you will bring us back together a even stronger couple than before.

Praise you Jesus, thank you Father God for all you have done for us.

In Jesus name, Amen

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