Prayer for my husband to return

by Lisa (PA)

Dear Lord, I ask for your help today to bring my husband who strayed from me to another woman. I don’t believe he is truly in love with her, I think he is obsessed with the attention she have him, the gifts she bought him and the way she boosted his ego.

I’ve been married to this loving man for 23 years and he has never crossed that line. My love for him is so deep and I have forgiven him but I need him to forget about her and come home to me. Please Lord, help him see straight and know that this is his home and this is where he needs to be. Please lord I ask that you strengthen the love in his heart for me and guide him away from that homewrecker.

She knew he was a married man yet she still pursued him. If he leaves me for her, he will be her third husband. I’m afraid that she will toss him to the curb. I m so in love with him, I just want him back