Prayer for my husband to return to me after a devorce

Lord today I pray for forgiveness of my sins. I thank you for the opportunity to type this prayer. Lord, I am in need of your divine intervention in my broken marriage. Lord God Almighty! According to your words my divorce is by no means in your favor. You said what you have joined together let no man set aside.

Father if this is your will let the reunion between me and my husband be speedy and successful. Oh God many others have suffered worst than what I am currently facing but to me this is my worst. I am calling on you because you and you alone can do the impossible. Reach out to my children as they deal with this lord. I am tired of this life of sin and shame. Please bring my husband home safe and sound.

Speak to the heart of the woman he is with convict her heart Lord. So many other bridges left for me to cross Lord and I cannot do them without you. You say ask and it shall be given knock and it shall be open and so I am poring out my heart in Jesus name. Minimize your distance to my life hastily Lord. I place my payer for this and all my needs into the heart of many because of your promises.

I am but a sinner Grant me guidance wisdom and knowledge to fight the good fight now and forever in Jesus name amen.