Prayer for my husband to return home

by Melissa ()

Lord, I come to you tonight to ask you to have my husband return home. We have only been married a short time but have loved one another for over 10 years now. We lived a life of sin but this past year we realized our lives were missing something. We married and began attending church regularly and changed our lives greatly.

7 months into turning our lives over to you God, we had a serious issue arise that stemed from our past sinful lives. I struggled with my faith and slowly stopped attending church. My husband began to follow. From there our marriage began to fall apart. God i love my husband completely and unconditionally and i know he still loves me.

So i ask you God please open my husbands eyes and heart so that he will return home and we can begin a new life together threw you God!! Our marriage can survive only threw you dear God!!! In Jesus name I Pray AMEN

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