Prayer for My Husband to Return and Heal our Marriage

by Missy (Austin, TX)

Heavenly Father, please take away all the anger, hate & resentment my husband has toward me and his children, I love him and want him back in our family and to heal and repair our marriage of 20 years. I pray he cut all ties with this other woman who stole him from us. I pray you cut her out like an cancer and only you can, stop their communications between them and clear his heart and his mind and bring him back to his family.

We are all hurting and suffering from this breakup. I pray he comes to his senses and becomes a dedicated father to his children. I pray we are in his constant thoughts 24/7 and forgets this other woman. Cleanse and soften his heart toward us and put all the hurt and anger on her who is the blame for all this. In Jesus name I ask this for my family.