Prayer For my Husband to Repent and Confess

by Odille (Namibia)

Father, a lot of confusing things are happening in my marriage right now, and the devil is messing with me. I pray and thank you Lord for the truth to be revealed Lord of all the confusion from what the devil has created.

Give me the discerning spirit and wisdom to be able to deal with it as you would want me to deal with it Lord not trusting and leaning onto my own understanding but in prayer request to you. Father, my husband has been acting weird lately coming home late, and with having this suspicion that he is having an affair, I cannot trust or even start to believe in what he is telling me.

Lord, forgive me where I tried to handle it all on my own through flesh, and where I have messed up not trusting you completely loosing my peace. Please restore my peace Lord, and work on this darkness that it be brought to light. Father bring these two men to repentance Lord.

Cause distruction in the plans of the devil Lord, and if there is anyone messing in my marriage, please be the judge of them. Lord I am hurt…confused, frustrated.Please help me. I thank you in advance for answering my prayers.Amen

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