Prayer for My Husband to Open His Heart

Please pray that my husband opens his heart and looks at all the good in our relationship and not focus on the difficult times we have has. I ask you town pray that he realizes that his current choices are not a reflection of God. I pray that he realizes he is setting a negative example for our four children, they believe it is okay to walk out when you have problems. One stated”no one stays married anymore ” another saying “we should be glad he was here this long” because most kids don’t have two parents at home. This is not of God and I pray this does not become a trend for my kids and then their kids and so on. My husband and I even while separated have constantly went back and forth about reconciliation however the single childless free young women have been a temptation. I pray that he begins to fear the Lord as he once did and that he begins to put his family first. I pray that he comes back happily and excited with a clean spiritual commited heart. I pray these thing and ask you all to pray this in Jesus name.

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