Prayer for my husband to keep his job

by Anh (Texas)

Dear St. Jude,

I come humble and pray to you that my husband keeps his new job that he just recently started. He is new to this job and is still learning and due to one little mistake he is fearing that he might be let go for it. He reported the incident late, yet he had the integrity to know what he did wrong and what he needed to do to correct his actions when putting all the information in his report. He was told prior to starting there was a previous employee that had made numerous mistakes and people had reported this employee with the supervisor. We have had many challenges that we have overcome through faith and prayers. We came to you for your assistance when he was needing employment when transitioning out of the military and I am so grateful and humble that you gave him this job. Now, we are in desperate need again due to a small mistake and pray that it does not cause him a job that he trained so hard and longed for and we thank you for. Please St. Jude graciously grant us this prayer to make sure my husband keeps his job that we both prayed for and to take care of our family.

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