Prayer for my husband to go back to work

by Sabrina Mcclane (Houston, TX)

Dear Lord

My husband finally found the job that made him happy, it was motivating and enjoyable for him. It was only a seasonal job lord and was told if he did a great job they could possibly ask him to come back full time. Seasonal work is over dear Lord and I am the only one working in our house, the amount of pressure I am under to provide for my three children and husband is overwhelming. We are waiting Dear Lord to hear back from the seasonal working company to call him back, he shined Dear Lord he impressed, everyone wanted him on there team, he did his part, now I just want happiness for him. This would help our family Dear Lord and me, please Dear Lord, please dear lord we are going so far into debt and I am juggling this bill vs this bill. Mortgage or electricity, its so hard Dear Lord. Please send us a blessing dear lord I know if he gets this call back we will get back on our feet and the weight on my shoulders will be lifted and I can relax a little. Please Dear Lord my husband needs this job, this is a career for him.

Thank you for all the blessings in my life, thank you for my 3 beautiful healthy children and my husband who is trying to provide for us. Thank you dear lord for providing us with the things we need.

in jesus name I pray – AMEN

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