Prayer for my husband to get gainful employment

We have been praying and asking the Saints, especially Sts Cajetan and Jude for their help with my husband finding a job. He lost his job very suddenly just over 2 years ago, 2 years after I got very sick and had to stop working.

He has applied to many jobs, has been on several interviews and was able to get about a months work this spring, but he needs a position that is permanent, full-time and fulfilling. We are struggling financially and will soon lose everything; but it is also for my husbands own feeling of self-worth, for my kids and our peace of mind. He went on a job interview yesterday and it seems to have gone very well.

They said they would be making up their minds in a couple of days and we are praying for a job offer to come my husband this week. Please pray that this is the job he is meant to have and that this offer comes to him very, very soon. Thank you and God Bless.