Prayer for my husband to get a job abroad and for us with our kids to migrate to a land more abundant for us


Dear Lord our father i have come to you to help my husband to get a job abroad and help us to migrate with our two daughters where we can prosper n praise you and your Glory.We have tried to migrate many times before but have always failed.

This has made my husband and me very depressed. All attempts we have made to better our lives have not succeeded.My husbands present business does not yield enough for us.Our hearts are filled with disappointment.

Please God help us to successfully move abroad where jobs and salaries are much better. Help us to flourish and prosper with abundance Help us Dear Father to be able to give our two daughters a better life and education and let us enjoy this beautiful life you have given us.

And help us to be generous to the needy and help others also with the abundance you provide for us

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