Prayer For My Husband To Forgive And Heal

by Nicole (Illinois)

Heavenly Father, I come to you with a heavy heart and the hope that you can help my marriage to heal. I love my husband as a wife should and he does not believe me. He is contemplating divorce because he feels he can not get past the pain that he thought he had forgiven when we married.

I pray that you help to soften his heart, help to carry his pain for him and assist with him seeing that his words and actions are hurtful and not in your plan. Show him the good in us…in his wife. Father, you know my love is unconditional and I will not give up. I ask for you to wrap your arms around our union and bind us together and never let that separate.

Divorce is not the answer…anything is possible through you. Show my husband that. Show him that affection and intimacy are important in a marriage and that you want us close. Make your plan for our marriage his plan and show him the damage that is being created by the place we are currently in. Show me how to help him….to let him know my heart is with him.

I love my husband only second to you Lord. Let that be known to him and allow our marriage to be peaceful and full of joy and bringing you glory. Amen

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