Prayer for my husband to find a job

My husband worked hard for the same company for over 28 years. He was laid off on a Friday,18 months before he was eligible to retire. On Monday his company announced huge bonuses for their executives.

My husband was loyal to his employer through several changes in ownership and name changes. He was extremely talented and worked very hard, with little recognition. He has been a loving, devoted and supportive husband and father, active in his children’s lives and in his community, often returning to work after hours on days when he had taken time to coach our son or attend our daughters theater performances. He did not deserve this.
In the 2 years since he was laid off, he has had temporary work from time to time but nothing permanent. He has suffered deep depression, lack of trust, anxiety and lack of self worth.
I pray, and hope you will also join me in prayer, that he will find a good paying job in a place where we will be happy and where he will feel appreciated, valued and worthy, and whole again. Amen.