Prayer for my husband to cure asthma and sarcoidosis

by Beena (Bangalore)

Lord jesus you should only help us lord. I beg of you to please cure and deliver my husband nagendra from sarcoidosis disease, deliver him from all lymp nodes swelling and inflammation and infections in his body completely. He is suffering a lot jesus .I pray to you to please forgive his sins and deliver him from breathing problem and blurness in his eyes. Show mercy lord jesus. Please deliver him from all lung and chest infections and give my husband nagendra good health. Please jesus touch his body his lungs chest each and every part of his body and cure him jesus. I beg of you lord. I’m only asking for good health for me and my husband. Show mercy lord touch my husband’s heart lungs and chest.there should not be any lymp nodes or infections in his lungs. Save my husband’s life jesus.give him good health and long life. Please jesus show mercy on my husband.the gratitude of my heart Wil ever be yours.forever and ever. I trust you jesus I’m placing this prayer at your holy feet lord. Please cure my husband. Deliver him from all sickness disease and lord jesus name I pray . Amen. Thank you jesus please help my husband lord. Thank you.

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