Prayer for my husband & the restoration of our marriage

by Jessica (Texas)

Father, I am repenting to you first. I also pray that my husband will change his ways and restore his relationship with you and become a man of God again. I pray that he will hear your voice and stop ignoring it. Lord I ask that my husbands love for me be restored. Lord you know the desires of my heart to maintain my marriage

Lord, I know I love this man deeply.

I am standing solely on your word and that I will not depart from him until death will separate us. Lord I am asking that you soften his heart to come back to his family & repent himself of any transgression against you. Father I am asking to be released from the Spirit of anxiety, fear, and depression that I will stand in Faith for my marriage to be restored if it is your plan for my life
I pray that this woman that involved with my husband, who claims to understand my pain truly realizes the hurt this has caused our family. I pray that she will stop the manipulation and the lies that have created a barrier between my husband and I. I pray that my husband will stop believing her lies and listens to the truth. I pray that communication will be restored between my husband and I. I pray that she will be strong enough to do the right thing and let him go…for this I Pray.

Lord, I pray my husband will also be strong and be able to let go of lust. Lord may I only speak victory and restoration when I speak of my marriage and let no man or woman separate us from what you have joined together. Lord, direct our steps according to your word. Father dry my tears with your mercy and restore happiness again. Lord, please cast down every stronghold against my marriage the it may never rise up again.


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