Prayer for my husband, the love of my life

by Shandah (Florida)

Heavenly Father, I thank you for having blessed me with an amazing husband and father to our children. 20 years ago we took a vow in marriage and it was a dream come true. As the years go by I realize that he has suddenly lost interest in taking care of his health, he has gained too much weight and I fear for his life.

With the weight comes the anger, the blame, the “I need to control you” and the depression that he refuses to admit. I pray that you dive deep into his heart, his mind, his body and soul, restore his “I want to be healthy” mental state, help him realize and accept that these demons are for him to fight, not only for him but for his family.

We adore him but at the same time, walking on eggshells all the time is not a way to live life. Help him take control of his life and want to lose weight, and be healthy and be the fun loving easy going person we so much enjoy and miss.

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