Prayer for my husband. Prayer to save our marriage and our family

by Eelurra (Temecula Ca. USA)

Dear Lord I come to you today to ask for your protection from all of Satan’s evil presence surrounding my husband and satans unwelcome presence in our marriage. Please Lord soften my husband’s heart. Bring him close to you Lord.

Raise him up and fill his heart with your love and his love for you and allow him to see your love through me and our children. Please Lord, protect us and shield my husband from anything and anyone that tries to separate us. Please be with my husband at every waking moment and fill his heart with love for you and with love for me, his wife. Please Lord watch over my husband.

Take him into your arms and guide him. Let him once again fall in love with me. I know that this is you will as we joined as one before you. Please Lord protect our marriage and restore it. Fill my husband’s heart and take away all of the negative thoughts and words that may be spoken while we are apart.

Please Lord bring my husband back home to us. I come to you and beg for your grace and protection for our marriage and our family. In your mighty name Jesus, Amen

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