Prayer for my husband he has lung cancer

by Amanda (Daytona)

Dear god please help my husband.

Can u please put your healing hand on him and let him be pain free but more of all cancer free and just watch over him on Thursday when he goes in for his last test and just don’t let it be in his bones either dear lord your always hear with us everywhere but I can’t wait till we all go to heave and you come again and get out of this curel world and go to heaven where’s there’s no tears no cancer and everything will be prefuct and Jesus be with him and send him angles to gy threw this and get back to his old self and Jesus thank you for helping us with all the blessings you have have us and Jesus just walk in our home and heal all my family’s mind and body’s and walk in here and put light where’s there’s dark and thank you for everyday I love you in Jesus. Name amen