prayer for my husband get a job

by Lora (Philippines)

Dear God, I pray for my husband to quickly get a job & I also pray for his good health. He got laid off & need a new job. He has always worked so hard & has put his family needs before his own. My husband has been jobless for so long. I worry for his health & condition. I pray to you that he is given the opportunity to get a job in the field that he worked so hard to get into.

I pray to you for his happiness & pray for his health. God please forgive us for all our sins, please open a path for my husband & give him another chance. He has always been very helpful to others & has a generous heart. I have my trust & faith in you & ask for your help with a heavy heart.

I love you Father with my whole heart & soul. In Jesus name. Thank You God. Amen

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