Prayer for my husband and to strengthen our marriage

by Jm ()

Dear Lord, I pray to you today to give me strength to love my husband unconditionally every day especially when he has angry outbursts towards me and our children. Please help me change the way I react to him in these situations and show him the respect he needs and not reflect the ugly back at him.

I am having a very difficult time standing up for myself without being disrespectful toward him. I do not want to grow to hate him and I need to be able to show him compassion without feeling like his verbal whipping post and the victim. Please God help me to set healthy boundaries with him, so that we both get what we need without feeling hopeless. I pray that he will find a way to address all his emotional issues in a healthy manner through prayer and clergy and look to you for guidance and fulfillment.

Please help me show him he is safe with me; I am his partner and not his enemy. Please help me to be the best wife and helpmate I can be; and when he cannot be there for me, please help me to not take it personally so that I am not overtaken by worry and fear and remind me that you will fulfill my needs.

I took my vows seriously on our wedding day and pray that he is able to show me mercy, not take me for granted, forgive me for my shortcomings and love me unconditionally. I pray that he can remember that feeling of love and excitement about one another we once shared. I remember our wedding day so vividly as if nobody else existed-he is such a beautiful soul and I miss him so much.

I pray that you give me strength to build him up and reinforce him as a man and put aside my ego and insecurities. Please watch over him and lead him away from all temptation so that he is able to make good decisions for us as a family unit. His anger has made me afraid to approach him at times, I want to touch him and hold him but he denies me or is unresponsive to most of my attempts, which has made me feel more insecure.

Please God, give me the courage to be myself, and foresight to know when to respect his privacy and when the time is right but not worry about it. We have three beautiful children together under the age of 4 who love him and crave his attention so much; I pray that you may bestow great patience within him so that he may reflect your grace upon us.

Please God, help my husband remember all of our blessings and don’t ever let us give up hope in one another. Please help my husband pull out of his deep depression and find his way back to me.