Prayer for My Husband and Strengthening My Marriage

by Kimberly (Philadelphia)

Heavenly Father, I love you for all that You are. I praise your name in the midst of the storms. I ask of you, Father to guide my husband in the right steps to keep him as a man of integrity and honor. I humble myself to You, Lord, to inspire my husband to do what is best, for the sake of being what You created him to be.

I believe all things are possible through You. I also pray that our marriage will be built on the foundation of Your word and withstand the spirits that attempt to divide us. I believe no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I celebrate your Divine will to allow us a chance to grow closer to you each and every day. I thank you in advance for keeping our marriage together and the blessings that continue to be bestowed upon us.

Hallelujah to you, Lord!

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