Prayer for My Husband and Our Family to be Reunited

by Lois (West Columbia, Sc)

My husband has moved out of our home and into his moms house. he has been gone for several months and i so want him to come home. he still tells me that he loves and misses me all the time, he says he has never said that he didn’t want to be with me or that he wanted a divorce .

he want even discuss that , but he isn’t home and we live apart so this is very hard for me to understand . how do you love and miss me and not come home? his mom has a very big influence on him and what he does. so i pray that god releases the hold she has on him and allows him to make his own desicions about our marriage and for her to let go.

i pray that God produces a miracle for our marriage to be reconsiled and for us to be the christian family that he would have us to be. he has a 8 year son who so wants us back together as a family. so please keep us in your prayers.
God bless you all who are praying for our family.

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