by Rabia ()

My husband is suffering from various addictions of drugs, alcohol, and vape smoking. I didn’t know the depth of his issues until this time last year. I have tried to get him help but each time, he promises me that he can handle it and will not use anything anymore then the lies start and on and on. I was so upset and overwhelmed with his lies and hiding things that I just told him that it’s better if you just don’t lie to your wife then to hide drinking or else. So he just took me for granted and this year has been really bad. And now he tells me that I knew and approved. We have a 2 years old toddler and now he is started to notice things and I am just done with this marriage. I have cut off my family and everyone else from our lives because they were encouraging the situation not caring I have to suffer. He doesn’t respect me or anything else and doesn’t even care anymore to take care of himself.
I am so overwhelmed emotionally, physically and mentally and I can’t work full time, take care of a toddler and the house and get nothing in return to boost me up. It seems like the man I loved and married is no longer there and devil himself is leading his body, mind, heart and soul.
I have tried everything and even now he refuses to get the proper help and told me that he will deal with it. He is a good hardworking, loving and caring man but he is lost. If I don’t leave, he will not get the help he needs and the cycle will continue. I don’t know what to do and I am just leaving it in God’s hand to decide. I do not know what else to say and do. It is very depressing in my house and I have nobody to talk to about anything. Please pray for us


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