prayer for my husband and marriage

by Maryanne (NJ)

Please Lord, help my husband and I build a stronger marriage together. Bring back the love we once had for each other. Help us to be able to communicate better and understand each other better. Please help my husband empathize and understand what his betrayal has done.

Give him the strength to do what it takes to build trust again and the strength to never fall into temptation ever again. Please enlighten my husband and may he learn to deal with difficult situations instead of avoiding and running from them. I pray that we both learn to do what it takes to make each other happy and not hold back due to pride and ego. Bring him closer to you so that he may lead a life according to your word. Help him to put his selfish ways aside and put the family first in all things.

We have been trying to work out our marriage for a year now after his affair and still having difficulty communicating. I pray that he is not still hat boring feelings for the other woman and that he truly is remorseful of his actions and has learned of the pain and damage he has caused not only with me but within his other relationships with family and friends.

I beg of you to pray for him. Help him realize the necessary changes he needs within himself and give him the strength to make these changes as you have done within me. I pray that we may never endure this kind of pain again and build a much stronger bond of unconditional love.

Thank you, Lord for bringing us to where we are now and pray that you continue to help lead us according to your word.

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