prayer for my husband and bless our family

by Anonymous (Philippines)

Dear God, My husband is hopeless, he feels that nobody can understand his situation, he has a problem in his current job, our marriage is not ok. financial issues.

God please help him to handle it to realize that he needs to face his jobs problem and realize to be strong as a man, has a husband and as a father of my 2 kids.

Help him to realize that never give up, please touch him at this moment and soften his heart. Help him to realize that our children is the most important to our lives that they need a complete and happy family. help him to surpass his problem in his work. Please God help him.

And please restore our relationship as a wife and husband for my 2 kids. Help us to surpass all financial problem we are facing right now. and I pray that my bank loan be approved to settle our debts obligations.

Bless my family, Good health, peace and love to each other. Please softer our hearts oh Lord,

In jesus name Amen.