Prayer for my husband

by Stefania ()

In the name of Holy Father I pray for us all!
God help us to defeat the disease of my husband Michael, please save him and guide him with faith and break the chains of this addiction and let him stay in the Treatment to recover from it and have his life back with me and my son.
I know that you can provide power , strength and wisdom to overcome it.
Give him courage and strength to conquer back his sobriety and with all my trust in you I refuse to let this disease control his and our life. Help him replace his fears with faith his doubts with belief his worries with trust and his lack of confidence with courage. Show him to think the right thing and focus on you and not on his problems. Help him to be grateful to all the things you provided in his life.
Lord help me to encourage myself in you and let you joy be our strength and your peace fill our souls ns let you grace and mercy comfort and sustain us.
Lord Help Michael to overcome his disease cause this is an enemy of his heart, mind and souls and I refuse to let it steal the peace and joy in his and our life.
I know you are with us and I cast all my care, concern and worry on you an four my trust and confidence in you and I m certain that you will not let us down and I believe you are working everything out for our good.
God please stand by Michael’s side since he’s a one of your sons , a great man, husband and stepfather and bring him back home sober healthy and stronger.
Thank you Father Lord, for your know we are going through this and I trust in you with all my heart and prayers because I m certain that you care for us and desire us to live a happy , joyous and fulfilled life.
A prayer for Roxanne who is helping and supporting us with her incredible knowledge and her strong faith may God bless you Rox for being this great person.
May also my prayers support and show my gratitude to those who are helping Micheal during his recovery, Bradley, Laura and all the staff who take care of him during this hard time at Mandala Healing center .
May this prayer be for all those people fighting with alcoholism and their families. Amen

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